Ram Wire N90 Premium Fused and Clapton Vape Wire for Atomizer

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Ram Premium Wires are giving the finest experience when it comes to vaping, in terms of dense vapor, extreme flavor production plus a very fast ramp up time that soothes the power and satisfaction. Nichrome90 Wires has a low and stable resistance wire that specially built for mechanical vape mods. Its ramp up time and cool down time is insanely fast! Giving no stress to the battery at all, when it comes to wire lifespan service, Ram Premium N90 Wires is very durable and has a long-life service, when the coils get “gunked”, you simply replace the cotton and you will still have the finest experience as a new coil. Still, safety precautions is a must when building with this wire, and ohms law knowledge is a must.

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