Cylaid Blue IMR 18650 High-Drain Lithium-Ion Battery (pair/2pcs) w/ Case

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Uncover the power of Cylaid IMR 18650, the lithium-ion battery designed for those who need reliable, high-drain energy. With a robust 2600mAh capacity and a potent 40A discharging current, this battery is crafted for performance and endurance.

High-Capacity Energy:

The Cylaid IMR 18650 battery boasts a significant 2600mAh capacity, providing long-lasting power for all your high-drain devices. Whether you're powering advanced vape mods, flashlights, or other electronics, these batteries ensure that your equipment runs at peak performance for longer.

Powerful Discharging Current:

With a 40A discharging current, the Cylaid IMR 18650 is tailored for devices that require a substantial power draw. This high discharge rate translates to reliable performance even under demanding conditions.

Quality Material:

Constructed from durable Li-ion material, these batteries offer a stable and safe energy source, ensuring that reliability is never compromised.

Versatile Design:

Available with either a flat or button top, the Cylaid IMR 18650 batteries cater to a variety of device requirements, making them incredibly versatile for a wide range of applications.

Optimal Size:

Measuring 18.23mm in diameter and 65.15mm in length, the Cylaid IMR 18650 fits perfectly in devices designed for the 18650 battery size, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Ideal For:

  • High-drain devices requiring sustained power delivery.
  • Users seeking batteries with high capacity and discharge rates.
  • Enthusiasts looking for reliable and durable power sources for their gadgets.

Experience Cylaid Quality:

Choose the Cylaid IMR 18650 battery for your devices and enjoy the confidence that comes with a dependable power source. Perfect for those who demand the best, these batteries are designed to keep you powered up and ready for any challenge.